Centrum Technologii Lotniczych

Transport Systems Department

Transport Systems Department focus is on transport system research associated with aircraft design. Moreover, in the framework of our activity, we elaborate structure stress and aircraft performance analyses, cooperate in creating programs and manage aircraft certification process.

Our offer:

1. Participation in National and European Union funded projects:

2. Research and Development work in the field of Air Transport:

3. Aircraft design:


  1. „European Personal Air Transportation System STUDY (EPATS)” – EU 6th Framework Programme project; Contract UE ASA6-CT-2006-044549 Specific Support Action (SAA), www.epats.eu, 2007-2008;
  2. „System Transportu Małymi Samolotami – analizy i opracowania modelu transportowego (STMS)” – Polish national funded project (NCBR), grant no N R10-0023-04/2008; 2008-2009;
  3.  „Small Air Transport – Roadmap (SAT-rdmp)” – EU 7th Framework Programme project, Grant Agreement No ACSO-GA-2010-265603, www.epats.eu/SATRdmp/, 2011-2013;
  4. „Air Cargo Technology Road Map (CargoMap)”  – EU 7th Framework Programme project, Grant Agreement No 284551 – CargoMap, www.cargomap.eu, 2011-2013;
  5. „Improvement of the air cargo transport sector by service oriented ICT-methods and processing logistic network, (Baltic.AirCargo.Net)” –Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013 project, www.balticaircargo.net, 2010-2013;
  6. „Aviation Safety and Certification of new Operations and Systems  (ASCOS)” – EU 7th Framework Programme project,  Grant Agreement No 314299 – ASCOS, www.ascos-project.eu, 2012-2015;
  7. „Efficient Systems and Propulsion for Small Aircraft (ESPOSA)” – EU 7th Framework Programme project,  Grant Agreement No 284859 – ESPOSA, www.esposa-project.eu, 2011-2015.
  8. I-23 “Manager” aircraft certification, in accordance with FAR-23, amendment 42.

Transport Systems Department Manager
Andrzej Iwaniuk M.Sc.
phone.: 0 22 846 00 11 int. 707
fax: 0 22 846 44 32
e-mail:  andrzej.iwaniuk[at]ilot.lukasiewicz.gov.pl